currently residing in portland, oregon, suzanne is constantly inspired by the magic of the pacific northwest, and the magic that weaves us all together. always keeping in mind the connections of surrounding environments to their inhabiters, some pieces are mundanities that seem like insignificant moments or figures, some are broad and 'zoomed-out' in a simultaneously visual and conceptual way, and some play with our perception of the two. the artist combines a natural inclination toward abstraction and bold, graphic color and design with impressionistically rendered interpretations of reality to illustrate her worldview. 

also a vegan, gluten free food lover, suzanne spends a lot of time in kitchens - both domestic and professional - in the hope of spreading love and thoughtfulness through food, the ultimate connector.

please feel free to reach out via email or social media; suzanne is always available for your questions regarding pricing, commissions, or any other comments or inquiries!